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Friday, February 28th, 2014

SoCal Living: A Day In The Life

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Organic eggs scrambled in garlic infused olive oil with kale, sea salt, cracked pepper and fresh avo slices via Linda Wagner  So simple, easy and SUPER delicious!

Hello again from Southern California!! As most of you know, I’m here staying with one of my best girlfriends in Laguna Beach on a work/play trip this week and sharing my adventures with you on the blog!

I had one of the best days ever yesterday! I’m working on some work projects while I’m here but managed to squeeze in some fun before the real work started!

We woke up bright and early and started our morning with a yummy breakfast to fuel the day. Organic eggs scrambled in garlic infused olive oil with kale, sea salt, cracked pepper and fresh avo slices.  So simple, easy and SUPER delicious!

Then we headed to Laguna Canyon for a great hike in the sun!

Linda Wagner Nutrition founder Sheena Schreck Thanks Sheena for hiking it out with me!

Linda Wagner Nutrition Linda Wagner Nutrition

Run Linda, run!! It always feels great to work up a good sweat in the morning. It’s such a great way to start your day. A huge goal for me in 2014 is to get out and move my body each morning. I just feel so much clearer, calmer, and ready to seize the day when I get my blood flowing and my body moving!

Linda Wagner Nutrition

After our hike we headed for the market at South Coast Farms to pick up some organic produce for the week.

Linda Wagner Nutrition

That place is like HEAVEN for me!! I love all the fresh produce and pretty flowers.  South Coast Farms

Next stop was lunch in San Clemente on the Pier. I mean…that view! How can you ever have a bad day in Southern California?! founder Sheena Schreck Linda Wagner Nutrition

A little wine with your lunch?! Don’t mind if we do…!

Wine on the San Clemente Pier San Clemente Pier

San Clemente, CA

Our final stop was Cellar for some artisan cheeses and other goodies. I don’t eat much cheese anymore so when I do, I make sure it’s the really good stuff!

Cellar - San Clemente, CA

This place was so cute with great treasures everywhere. And Dillon, our cheesemonger was the best. Thanks Dillon for being so gracious and introducing us to some amazing new cheeses! The goat gouda was incredible!

Cellar - San Clemente, CA

Cellar - San Clemente, CA

Best. Honey. Ever.

It’s great with the goat gouda and this morning I dipped my fresh strawberries from the market in it and almost passed out it was so amazing…

All of that before 3pm! Then it was back to the grind.

Get up early, seize the day, be good to yourself, and enjoy life. That’s what it’s all about!

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