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Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Monday Motivation

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


8 Things Happy People Do But Rarely Talk About

Dangers of more than 3 glasses of milk a day: High intake may not protect against broken bones and could actually increase chance of death.

Cow’s Milk May Actually Be Bad For Your Bones!

22 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2 Minutes or Less

10 Things You Need to Know About Your Thyroid (#4’s a Doozy!)

What One Nutritionist Ate for an Entire Week (in Pictures)


Grapeseed Oil: Natural Beauty All-Star – it’s GREAT for your skin and amazing for wrinkles!!

Power Swaps: The most important healthy beauty swap you can make.

How We Shed Nearly 300 Pounds, Multiple Symptoms, and All of Our Meds … in Just Two Years!

The dangers of intestinal plaque and how to get rid of it naturally.

Scientists surprised to find exercise enhances gut flora in the body.

Risks of Heart Disease – What Your Heart Looks Like According to Your Lifestyle

80% of heart attacks in men can be prevented through healthy lifestyle behaviors


When Someone You Love Is Having a Tough Time, Remind Them of These 20 Things

4 Ways to Have More Affectionate, Loving Relationships – a good one since I know a lot of us ladies are guilty of this!!

10 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do in Relationships

8 Seeds that have amazing health benefits.

10 Ways To Get Rid of Bloating

Ramen Noodles May Lead to Chronic Illness – Eeek, I ate soooo much Ramen as a kid!!

25 healthy snack ideas!

10 Essential Ingredients for Quick and Healthy Meals


Diane Von Furstenberg On The One Thing All Women Need To Achieve

How root canals lead to a diseased body and what you can do to about it.

In a Mother’s Milk, Nutrients, and a Message, Too.

Coca Cola’s Low Calorie Beverages Will Kill You Before They Solve Obesity

4 Weird Treatments for Cellulite That Actually Work

How Cooking Can Change Your Life by Michael Pollan. A very, very important video to watch.

How Sugar is Slowly Killing Us

Happy Monday!! xo

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