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Monday, October 20th, 2014

Monday Motivation

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Coffee and Mondays

 You’ll Never Guess What’s In A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (Hint: You Won’t Be Happy)

 The Connection Between ADHD and Nutrition

 How To Have a Happier Monday

 20 Things Highly Successful People Do In Their 20s

 Here’s What Happens When You Stop Being a Vegan – a great perspective on labels and being realistic about your health and lifestyle!

 This super easy Butternut Bisque with Cauliflower looks delicious and has only 8 ingredients!! (I would sub quinoa flour and organic cream or coconut cream/milk to make it even healthier!)

 Carbs Without Cause: 8 Foods Worse than White Bread

 25 Ways to Rev Up Your Walking Workout

 UCSF Study Links Soda To Premature Aging, Disease, Early Death

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 What Does a Sustainable Shopping List Look Like?

 10 Turmeric Benefits Superior To Medications – my favorite way to take turmeric is in this easy Detox Tea.

 How One Mom is Helping Her Child Fight Cancer with Holistic Detox Therapies

 10 Traits That Young Millionaires Have in Common

 What’s Your Fitness Age?

 The Best Time to Do Everything at Work

 6 Reasons Not to Take Life So Seriously

 The Healthy Hair Diet

 The Problem With Being Too Nice – this was very interesting!!

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 Do You Have A Healthy Relationship With Food?

 Finding Peace and Balance When Dealing with Change

 Change Your Truth: How to Let Go of Negative Beliefs About Yourself

 Love this easy 6 Ingredient Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipe!!

 The Diet That Can Save Your Life

 How to Push the Pause Button on Adrenal Burnout

 Pesticides and Autism Spectrum Disorders: New Findings from the CHARGE Study

 Can Celiac Disease Affect the Brain?

 DHA Keeps Your Brain Healthy

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 Where You Hurt & How To Fix It

 Easy Dinner Ideas with No Clean Up: Cook in a Parchment Bag

 8 Keys to Success from Jack Ma, Self-Made Billionaire and CEO of Alibaba

 8 Ways to Eat Healthy Even If You’re on a Budget

 48-year-old cures high blood pressure, heart palpitations by maintaining this food protocol

 Scientists Reviewed 343 Studies to see if Organic Food is Better for you. Here’s what they Found Out

 There are only 4 more days to take advantage of 20% OFF ALL SERVICES!!

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 Happy Monday!! xo

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