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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Monday Motivation

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014


 The Weird Thing That Could Be Behind Your Cravings

 You’ll Never Guess What Veggie Just Beat Kale!

 Top 10 Quotes from really famous people.

 7 Cooking Splurges That Are Totally Worth It

 The 6 Veggies with the Most Protein

 Triclosan, chemical in toothpaste linked to cancer, bone malformation and hormone disruption, has been in toothpaste for 17 years

 How Soda Destroys Your Body


 The Amazing Effects of a Weekend Without Television and the Internet

 7 Ingredients Nutritionists Always Avoid

 As You Start To Take Good Care Of Yourself, 12 Amazing Things Will Happen

 Relabel Your Negative Emotions to Better Handle Pressure 

 10 Benefits of Fasting That Will Surprise You!

 WOW, this is so important!! How Stress Alters How Your Body Uses Fat

 The Fastest Dinner You Never Thought To Make

 Diet Habits Set in Infancy, Studies Suggest, very interesting!!


 Scientists say you can ‘retrain’ your brain to be addicted to healthy food – instead of junk

 A Call for a Low-Carb Diet

 pH 101: Acid-Alkaline Balance & Your Health

 Transform Your Life In 2 Weeks: 14 Simple Things To Do That Will Make You Healthier And Happier – I especially love #7!

 Relationship Advice I Wish I’d Heard Before Getting Divorced

 10 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

 The right way to eat sushi might surprise you!

Fit Foodie Austin

 Join me at the Fit Foodie 5K weekend Sept 12-14th!! I am super pumped to be an official ambassador for this amazing event! Come run the 5K, eat delicious foods, meet and eat with celebrity chefs, practice yoga, tackle the obstacle course, get tons free swag, and have a blast with your friends while supporting a great cause!! You can sign up here!

Happy Monday!! xo

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