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Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Monday Motivation

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

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 Why Your Ancestors Didn’t Have Anxiety Or Depression And You Do – A really great article on inflammation and magnesium deficiency. I’ve been using this magnesium supplement and it’s made a world of difference for me! (WAG472 will get you $5 off at

 9 Things That Mess with Your Hormones – The seemingly innocent habits that throw your body for a loop

 How I Learned to Stop Being So Jealous and Finally Get on with My Life – this is a really good one!

 Raising Backyard Chickens Is Easier Than You Think

 This is an absolutely AMAZING story of kindness and compassion, I mean, wow!

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 BPA Free Plastic is Actually Toxic! Researchers at the University of Texas have found that “BPA-free” doesn’t mean safe, in fact BPS, which is the replacement in plastics, is just as toxic.

 4 New Ways to Flavor Fish – these sound yummy and easy enough!

 Dr. Oz was right to warn his viewers about heavy metals and lead in Shakeology Greenberry protein powder. It seems this message is really gaining traction in the mainstream all of a sudden. Scary!

 Why Everyone Should Eat More Plants. “Embracing a plant-based lifestyle didn’t just repair my health. It was the key that unlocked my heart and allowed me to discover, embrace and unleash a better and more authentic version of myself on the world.” You don’t have to be a vegetarian (I’m not!!) just eat more veggies!! 

 10 Ways Chronic Stress is Killing Your Quality of Life

 How to be Successful just by Improving your Common Routines

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 A Haunted House Snaps Photos At The Scariest Moment Of The Tour… And I Can’t Stop Laughing

 An interesting article on the importance of respect in relationshipsspecificallyrespecting your man. 

 8 Effective Ways to Let Go and Move On

 This 4-Year-Old Makes Paper Dresses With Her Mom — And They Keep Getting More Amazing

 So sweet Over $10,000 Of Flowers Anonymously Donated To Senior Citizen Home

 15 Powerful Beliefs that Will Free You from Negativity

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