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Monday, July 25th, 2011

Monday Motivation

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Magic Monday

Here are some fantastic links from around the web. Time to get INSPIRED!! It’s going to be a great week!!



TDL – Toxic Love Isn’t Love at All: “Before you can love anyone, you must first love yourself. A part of loving yourself is being strong enough to let someone go so that the both of you can grow. Then take time to learn what real love is and what a healthy relationship is. Then, and only then, are you ready to enter into a relationship.”

How to Be Fully Awake Instead of Living on AutoPilot: “As creatures of habit, we all tend to move through the day on automatic, sticking to a schedule and a plan. Have you ever arrived at work without quite knowing how you got there? Have you eaten your lunch at your desk and not even tasted it?”

It’s just as important to properly fuel your body as it is to surround yourself with people who feed your soul “One of the best lessons in life is to LET GO of the people who cannot TREAT YOU RIGHT and do not bother to WASTE TIME just to please them. HOLD ON to those who LOVE YOU BACK, because they are the ones who are much WORTHY of your TIME and LOVE. “

More proof that you need to get on the Green Smoothie train! GS are great for overall health and AMAZING for weight loss!!! If you haven’t tried one yet, I order you to do so immediately!!!

“If you act the genius you will be one.” – Salvador Dali




Dreams are Nothing Without HARD WORK: LOOOOVE this article, cause it’s true. If there is one thing I have learned in life and especially in the last 9 months, it’s that you’ve got to WORK HARD to get what you want! “Kids these days. They want it all.  That’s fine, that’s how we taught them. Dream big!  Shoot for the stars!! You can do anything if you put your mind to it!!! But the reality of the matter is that dreams are nothing without hard work. Goals are zero without diligence.  And everyone has a vision, but what have you done in the past 24 hours to achieve it?

Work hard.  It’s that simple, guys.  Just work hard and you’ve already one-upped the rest. It’s an unsung art, and it’s the answer.  And unlike money or connections or all the other excuses people make as to why someone else has the advantage, hard work is something that everyone has access to.

…My very close friends Joel Madden and Alexander Spit.  Both are two of the hardest working people I know, and have built very different audiences and careers off the tenacious desire to create and communicate.  One is mainstream, the other is underground, but the commonality is that they are both in for the long haul and have proven their worth with rigorous touring, late-night studio sessions, going for broke, blood, sweat, and tears. Theirs is the kind of brand integrity and value that no money can buy, but can only be earned with time and discipline.”

The Secret to Manifesting Money & Miracles: “You already have the ability to own and possess all the money and miracles that you need.” – David Neagle

6 Tips For Sticking To A Fitness Routine



How to Choose Health (Especially When You Don’t Feel Like It)

The fabulous Gala Darling shares her tips for Blogging Your Way to The Front Row. It’s geared toward fashion bloggers but anyone who has a blog or is interested in blogging will find it inspiring and helpful!

Start a Business by Tuesday – it’s true! This is such a great article!! Go for it!

Eating Well According to the Ancients: “The right diet is important not because it helps you live longer, they are quick to point out, but because it makes you a better philosopher. Think about what a better person you could be if you didn’t hate yourself after gorging your face at a dinner, or feel sick and bloated with gluten, to which you’re allergic. If you felt in control of, and confident about, your body instead of lethargic and dissatisfied. Jumping these dietary hurdles is, in effect, a dress rehearsal for awareness in other areas. How much easier would it then be to be empathic, kind and generous? To focus on other people with energy that’s no longer directed at your own problems?”




There you have it! It’s time to work hard, take care of yourself, and dedicate yourself to what you love – now GO and DO IT!! And inspire others to do the same!! Life is what you make it and it can be quite AMAZING if you want it to!

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