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Monday, February 10th, 2014

Monday Motivation

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Isn’t that the truth?!

 25 Things You Need to Stop Wasting Time On

 Protesters Target Subway, Want Plastic Chemical Out of Sandwich Bread You can also take part! Sign the survey hereAzodicarbonamide is the same chemical used to make yoga mats, shoe soles, and other rubbery objects. It’s not supposed to be food or even eaten for that matter. And it’s definitely not “fresh”.

 6 Healthy Foods That Relax, Calm, and De-Stress: Studies have found that these options can help contribute to a healthy mental state, buffer against the harmful physical effects of stress, and dial up your serenity level. Eat your way to Zen.

 What Do Those Codes On Stickers Of Fruits And Some Veggies Mean?

 I’m not a huge “Biggest Loser” fan but I have watched the show over the years and I’ve been reading a lot about the controversy of this season’s finale. Rachel Fredrickson, this season’s winner, weighed in at an extremely svelte 105lbs and now everyone is talking. I must say, this was bound to happen. The show is “The Biggest Loser” after all…not the healthiest, or the fittest, it’s who can lose the most amount of weight. It’s “The Biggest Loser” at all costs and for highest ratings. Sad but true.  It sets unrealistic standards for viewers. A former contestant has been speaking out about the poor treatment and unhealthy practices of the show. It’s worth a read. Remember reality TV is not true reality, it’s for ratings! If her account is true (which I believe it is), it’s really unfortunate how the past contestants have been treated. Gosh, why can’t we just focus on being healthy and feeling good?! I always tell my clients “a healthy body is healthy in all ways”. It will achieve a healthy body weight, healthy blood pressure, healthy energy levels, blood sugar, mood, etc. There’s no reason to rush it. Just eat nutritious foods, move your body, surround yourself with positive people in a supportive environment and things will fall into place. What’s the point of achieving your “goal weight” (which I don’t believe in, by the way…I haven’t weighed myself or had any clue what I weigh for the last 5 years) if you are unhappy and feel like crap every day?! On that note, I also loved what she had to say about the scale:

Kill your scale.  It’s ridiculous to measure your worth based on a number in a little box that you get on in the morning.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.  It has nothing to do with your worthiness.  Nobody needs a reality TV show to be a healthy human being.  And love yourself no matter what you weigh.  If somebody comes up to you and tells you you’re fat or if somebody comes up to you and tells you your beautiful — that has absolutely nothing to do with who you are and everything to do with who they are.  And remember that.

I hope the former contestants now dealing with eating disorders can eventually shift their focus to healthy living in mind, body, and spirit.

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 This is hilarious Cats Taking Selfies

 DIY Rose Body Scrub

 National Flags Made From Each Countries Traditional Foods

 The Top 37 Things Dying People Say They Regret. 

 Lauren Conrad gives the perfect reply to the question ‘What’s Your Favorite Position?’

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