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Monday, January 6th, 2014

Monday Motivation

Monday, January 6th, 2014


Kale is where it's at!  Delicious ideas for recipes with kale! Anytime I get a little off track (hello, holiday cookies!) I always go back to kale! It’s so awesome for weight loss and getting my mind and body back on track!

 The real reason that some people are bad for you. Absolutely LOVED this. When you think about it this way everything shifts!

 Jane Says: If You Believe in Science, Don’t Go Paleo. “The logical basis for the diet of the moment ignores both evolution and anthropology.” I found this interesting. I am not for or against paleo…some of my recipes are paleo and many of them are not. In my personal experience it’s always say it’s most important to go with what makes you FEEL good. You don’t have to follow food dogma, instead use these diets as information and then apply according to what makes you feel your best. I am 100% omnivore and I’ve learned what foods work best and what food combinations don’t serve me, labels don’t have anything to do with it!

 This Solstice Reflection Bath sounds LOVELY! I love the idea of taking time to pause & pamper ourselves through the changing seasons!

 How I lost 30 pounds through yoga & never saw them again, with embarrassing “before” picture. I loved this and really related to it in many ways, especially the “verbal messages” and “cleansings”.

You are LOVE

 I have been listening to Oprah and Ekhart Tolle’s A New Earth book class for free on YouTube. It’s so interesting, I read the book and watched these videos when they first aired in 2008 and am judt totally blown away again. I love this perspective and they way these teachings make me shift my focus. The holidays and New Year can be a challenging time and these videos leave me feeling so much more centered and at peace. Thankful they are available for free for all of us!

 6 Natural Alternatives to Ibuprofen.

 6 Tips For Avoiding Seasonal Depression

 Moms Miracle Tea: How to Stop a Runny Nose also, try my Ginger Turmeric Detox Tea it works like a charm every time!!

 In addition to the teas above, my clients swear by this Wellness Formula to keep themselves and their families healthy during cold & flu season. I also find high dose 1,000 mg Vitamin C to be really effective and keeping my immune system strong. I actually just took 2 caps this morning since I noticed my body starting to feel a little off! Enter WAG472 at checkout to get your $5 off your order!

 Five Ways To Never Be Stressed Again “And slowly, very slowly, I trained myself to watch my thoughts, my perceptions, and when a stressful thought came into my head, I stopped, took a deep breath, and just let go. It’s like a muscle—it gets stronger the more you use it, but if you let go, it relaxes.”

everything is's true

 24 Invaluable Skills To Learn For Free Online This Year

 I love this Doctors Are Now Prescribing Books to Treat Depression As someone who was put on antidepressants for two years in my early 20’s, I WISH someone would have just handed me a self help book. I know everyone is very different but for me, numbing out on prescription drugs for 2 years only made matters worse. When I read my first self help book Succulent Wild Woman, it was like a light bulb went off in my head and I realized that my feelings were coming from a very real place and that by consciously changing my thinking, I could start to heal myself. I’ve been a self proclaimed self-help junkie ever since and I love it! No medication needed!

 Your guide to running at any level

 5 New Things to Do with Avocado

 Allow time, a brilliant article on taking time for what truly feeds you from one of my faves, Sarah Wilson.

 I am such an animal lover. They are so cute and they will make you smile, especially on a Monday 10 Adorable Animals Getting Their Cuddle On

1 (3)

 7 High-Intensity Workouts that Take 20 Minutes or LESS. Trust us—they fit into even the busiest schedules

 Wonderful, wonderful article Anti-Diet Project: No One Is Cute On The StairMaster

It wasn’t so much of an “ah-ha” moment, but rather a one of “enough already.” Enough with this needless locker-room shaming, which only exists in my head anyway. There will always be the fitness princesses wearing gym-couture on the StairMaster, breaking a delicate glow of perspiration across their alabaster brows. But, I know their sneakers stink up the gym bag as much as anyone’s. 

Last year, I interviewed Tracy Anderson, who told me the most common things she hears from women is that they need to get in shape before they come to her gym. They’re scared that they’ll look shabby, and they won’t be able to keep up with the celebrity clientele. “It’s crazy to me!”, said the master craftsman of Gwyneth’s own butt. In that moment, I nodded in agreement, sucking in my gut so hard my face turned red — so crazy. 

There are so many real things to worry about when you’re fighting this battle with body image. You’re already dealing with the nasty voices inside of you, echoing off the tile walls of your 7th-grade locker room. Don’t project those voices onto everyone else in your grown-ass woman gym, because, in fact, they’re not here to stare at you in silent judgement — they’re just trying to get their cardio in, too. Just get in there and get in your zone. Stop hiding, keep your head up, and look around. I’ll be the one with the tomato face, rocking the treadmill in a Les Mis t-shirt. 

 GOODBYE 2013. HELLO 2014. Loved this reflection of the past year from Connie Chapman. Especially where she states “Wow, I feel like I spent about 90% of last year living outside my comfort zone but it was such a thrilling and amazing experience. This has not been an easy journey, but it was the best thing I ever did and I am so grateful for every second of it.” Amen sister!!

Live it.

 11 Cheesy Ways to Use Nutritional Yeast: The Vegan Kitchen Secret

 Going on a Sugar Detox? Here are some tips on How To Stay Sane

 January is a stressful time, if you are feeling overwhelmed, having trouble dealing with stress, emotional eating, or trouble sleeping, you might want to try Doreen Virtue’s guided meditations. This audio has AM and PM meditations to help you relax and get centered. It’s my go-to to help me relax. You can download directly to your phone so you can listen anywhere on the go!

 10 Keys To Creating An Amazing Relationship

 Making Magic in 2014

  Forgive yourself daily

 The power of empathy

  If you’re looking for more great reading you can flip through all my Monday Motivation articles here! Enjoy!!

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Happy Monday!! xo

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