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Monday, October 14th, 2013

Monday Motivation

Monday, October 14th, 2013
via How Sweet Eats

via How Sweet Eats

 This Autumn Arugula Salad from How Sweet Eats is blowing my mind! I will definitely be making my own version this week!!

 Scary Halloween candy: Watch out for these five ingredients.

 Why You Probably Don’t Need A Flu Shot

 Finding Your Goal And Purpose In Life – just found this blog and I’m pretty ecstatic about it!

 Got Proof? Lack of Evidence for Milk’s Benefits

 Getting Off Coffee with a Coffee Substitute – love this stuff and this recipe!

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 How to eat organic on a budget

 Tis the season: Pumpkin Spiced Pecan Milk!!

 How to make your own vanilla extract.

 The power of a little hair and makeup! “Using only cosmetics, and not any post processing software like Photoshop, Andreev transforms ordinary looking girls into ones you’d find on the cover of a fashion magazine.” Remember this the next time you feel insecure after look at a magazine!

 Veins, Bones, and Skin? Turns Out Chicken Nuggets Are Much, Much Grosser Than You Feared. In case you needed a reminder, the stuff inside chicken nuggets is horrifying. Honestly, I can’t believe that people still eat this stuff!

 Amy Poehler’s Emotional Speech – Power Of Women 2013 – Love, love, love her!

via Sunset Magazine

via Sunset Magazine

 Love these DIY black cat o’lanterns!

 The 10 best ways to fight off dementia: From a glass of red to a twirl around the dance floor, scientists reveal how to cut the risk

 Trying to lose weight? Eat (real) chocolate!

 Get out of the gym and onto the mat with this better-than-StairMaster yoga sequence

 Learning to Love and Live When Life Gets Hard

 10 Ways Happy People Prioritize Their To-Do Lists – loved this, great reminders!

 Love this video that Pinch of Yum shared last week. I get questions all the time about how to start your own  biz and the one thing I always say is that it ain’t easy!! Be prepared to work, work, work your tail off! That’s why it absolutely must be your passion! I loved this video on what it actually takes to do something great! “It’s a crazy amount of work. I absolutely love it…I’ll keep on doing it ’til the day I die, but the things I do, and the reason why I’m able to do it, is because no one else is willing to do it.”

Have you written or found any great articles lately? I would love to read them!! Leave me the link in the comments section below!!

Happy Monday Y’all!!

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