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Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Monday Motivation

Monday, September 23rd, 2013
Monday Motivation via Linda Wagner

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 Scientists Show How Antibiotics Enable Pathogenic Gut Infections

 For all of you bloggers and online businesses out there, this is a great podcast to listen to!! How Can You Develop A Bold And Authentic Brand?

 How to make stress your friend

 10 Ways To Drink More Water

 Another great article for those of you interested in starting your own business! 11 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Business

 10 Snacking Mistakes That Cause Weight Gain

Monday Motivation via Linda Wagner

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 30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself – Love these guys! Make sure you subscribe to their blog so you can get all of their inspirational posts!

 Look what giving up drink for a month can do to your face: Mother who enjoyed five glasses of wine a week is transformed after going cold turkey

 Why burgers and biscuits can make you depressed – but eating fruit and veg can ward off the blues

 I say this all the time – Don’t drink from plastic bottles!! BPA found to function as a malignant breast tissue carcinogen

 Sugar is ‘the most dangerous drug of our time’ and should come with smoking-style health warnings, says Dutch health chief

Monday Motivation via Linda Wagner

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 Such a clever idea for organizing those annoying long boxes.

 For all the single ladies. The Word “Single” and 30+ And Single – these articles are great!

 10 Foods To Fight Candida

  Yoga helps kids manage stress and cultivate strength

 Want to make your own sprouts for sandwiches, salads, and more? Here’s a great guide on windowsill sprouting!

Monday Motivation via Linda Wagner

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 Expert advice: How can I ease anxiety?

 Eat More Kale! Loved this!!

 Top five foods for fighting depression

 Haha, I’m sure most have seen this by now but it’s super funny! Surviving Whole Foods

 Love this idea! Rx $$ to use for fruits and veggies! Doctors Prescribe Fruits And Veggies

 Vitamin C helps eliminate chronic disease “We believe that vitamin C by itself is a relatively weak cancer fighter, but when augmented with vitamin K3, alpha lipoic acid, and most recently, D-fraction of the maitake mushroom, vitamin C and these adjuncts become one of the most powerful cancer killers known.”

Monday Motivation via Linda Wagner

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 I wouldn’t categorize myself as a religious person. I just simply love to be inspired to be a better person and live a better life. I was particularly inspired by this recent podcast by Joel Osteen. #591 Doing Business In Deep Waters (also available on podcast so you can listen while cleaning, working out, or walking the trail!). There will always be naysayers and it’s so important to  “remember this, when someone belittles you, they are being little. Small minded people won’t celebrate you. Small minded people will be jealous, criticize, find fault, gossip, try to make you look bad…don’t ever fight battles with small minded people. Your destiny is too great to be distracted by someone that’s small. They’re not going where God is taking you….Your assignment is too important, your time is too valuable to be distracted by negative, critical, jealous, small minded people.” Love, Love, Love! If you need some help, I did a video a few years ago about handling naysayers you can see it here.

 Hugely impressed with Lady Gaga after watching this interview with Oprah. She gets it. She’s literally changing the world…in a wonderful, wonderful way. You’ll understand after you watch. Bravo Lady Gaga!

Happy Monday!! xo

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