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Monday, May 14th, 2012

Monday Motivation

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Magic Monday

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Win 1 YEAR’s worth of Annemarie Gianni skincare products!!!! Whoever wins this is one lucky lady!!

Let Go of Your Backup Plan: How to Get Unshakably Committed to Your Dreams

A great article by one of my mentors, Natalia Rose. The Root of All Suffering: Wall Street or Wetiko?

Grapefruits Can Treat Disease As Well As Pharmaceuticals Without The Side Effects

Worth repeating: Letting Go of Lables

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Crazy Talk: The Do-What-You-Love Guide – love this!

Sugar is a Drug

Be What You Seek “NEWSFLASH: YOU HAVE ARRIVED! There is no need to keep seeking approval, Love or validation in anything else. You, as you are, are enough and when we surrender to Divine Guidance from The Uni-verse, when we admit what we are REALLY thinking and feeling as authentically as possible, we free ourselves.”

Two of my favorite ladies, Marie Forleo and Gabrielle Bernstein, talk candidly about Manifesting our Desires.

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Pour paintings – so cool!! Look at the pics then watch the vid

More Reasons Why You Should Drink Hot Water With Lemon

7 Steps to help you Get Through a Bad Day with a Better Attitude

I like Michelle Obama’s approach to health care

“For me, improving my health started with an eye-opening conversation I had with our family pediatrician when my girls were very young. He asked me, simply, “What are you all eating?” And as I answered his question, I realized our family needed to make some changes—and so we did. We started eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, watching our portions, and eating less takeout.

I also changed my mindset. I started thinking about exercise as an investment in myself instead of a chore, and I started focusing on the example I wanted to set for my girls. My schedule was dominated by career and kids—not to mention a very busy husband–but thinking about exercise this way made it a priority, even if I had to get up earlier to do it.

That’s what being fit meant to me: feeling good inside and out, and taking control of my health.”


Happy Monday Everyone!! xo

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