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Monday, February 13th, 2012

Monday Motivation

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Magic Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I know this post is a little late but Hank & Magnolia (my amazing dog and cat) both somehow came down with UTI’s so I’ve been spending a lot of time taking care of them and trying to get them well. Please send lots of positive vibes their way!

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Goat milk and dairy products are better for you and here’s why.

8 Incredible Health Benefits of LOVE.

I really loved this article on The Power of Introverts.

I also believe that introversion is my greatest strength. I have such a strong inner life that I’m never bored and only occasionally lonely. No matter what mayhem is happening around me, I know I can always turn inward. In our culture, snails are not considered valiant animals – we are constantly exhorting people to “come out of their shells” – but there’s a lot to be said for taking your home with you wherever you go.

10 Coconut Oil Tips from users. This one is my favorite!! “I melt coconut oil in a warm glass container and add a couple chocolate chips or even just powdered cocoa, a couple drops of vanilla stevia or xylitol, then I pour it into a small plastic tray and freeze. In half an hour you have healthy chocolate brittle. Break into pieces and enjoy throughout the day. Curves the sugar cravings and coconut oil boosts metabolism!” ~Simone A.

Seth Casteel

The Amazing Underwater Dog Photography of Seth Casteel – love these!!!

Organic farming is better than conventional and here’s why: Based on a 30-year side-by-side trial of conventional and organic farming methods at Pennsylvania’s Rodale Institute, organic farming outperformed conventional farming in every category.

A Soda a Day May Give You a Heart Attack: people who drank diet soda on a daily basis were 43 percent more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack than those who didn’t drink any diet soda even if pre-existing vascular conditions existed. And those who drank fewer than one diet soda per day were also less likely to be at risk of having a stroke or heart attack than those who consumed at least one a day.

A Look At Monsanto’s History:

Monsanto is the world’s leading producer of the herbicide “Roundup”, as well as producing 90% of the world’sgenetically modified (GMO) seeds

Over Monsanto’s 110-year history (1901-2011), Monsanto Co (MON.N), the world’s largest seed company, has evolved from primarily an industrial chemical concern into a pure agricultural products company. MON profited $2 billion dollars in 2009, but their record profits fell to only $1 billion in 2010 after activists exposed Monsanto for doing terribly evil acts like suing good farmers and feeding uranium to pregnant women. Below is a timeline of Monsanto’s dark history.

Hair Loss – How Your Diet Can HelpIf you dread trips to the hair salon and cringe every time you pass a mirror, there’s a pretty good chance you’re concerned about hair loss. Making sure certain foods are in your diet will help keep your scalp healthy, happy and hopefully, full of hair. Below are a list of crucial nutritional elements you need in your diet to combat excessive hair loss and hair thinning.

“Illness or disease is only Nature’s warning that filth has accumulated in some portion or other of the body; and it would surely be the part of wisdom to allow Nature to remove the filth, instead of covering it up with the help of medicines.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi, 1921.

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Happy Monday!! xo

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