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Monday, April 13th, 2015

Monday Motivation

Monday, April 13th, 2015


Happy Monday everyone!! You have probably noticed that I’ve been posting a little less than usual over the last several months. I have several projects in the works so please bear with me as I juggle this new schedule!

 22 Ways To Wake Up And Feel Super Positive For The Day.

 The go-to, 10-minute recipes of busy, healthy women.

 Diet doesn’t mean better, in most cases it’s actually worse!! What Diet Soda Does to Belly Fat.

 Another Deadly Reason Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda.

 The Best Foods to Increase Kidney Function.

 10 Holistic Treatments to Detox your Lymphatic System! The first one is one of my favorites!

 5 Frozen Veggies To Always Have in Your Freezer.

 6 recipes that prove bananas make the healthiest frozen desserts.

 France wants to ban dangerously thin models and label retouched images. “the bill also sends a positive message to models and young girls. “A person should not be obliged to starve herself in order to work.””

 3 things to pack to stay healthy at this season’s music festivals.

 5 Tips on How to Meditate for Beginners. I also love this guided relaxation CD. It helps me relax so much that I usually fall asleep! 😉 67e90062d254871030277f273819d53a

 5 Simple Habits That Help Me Pack a Lunch I Actually Want to Eat.

 7 Habits Of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness.

 5 Chemicals That Could Be Making You Fat.

 6 Reasons Why You’re Gaining The Weight Back.

 How One Woman Gained Back All the Weight She Lost—Then Changed Her Mindset to Drop and Keep Off 140 Pounds.

 Why You Barely Look Like You Exercise—Even Though You Work Out a Ton. It’s always a good idea to jump start your diet too!

 The Post-Workout Advice You Need To Follow.

 How to detox your Easter candy Candida. This is also a great article to give you more of a background.

 Household Bleach Tied to Respiratory Illness in Children.

 How Cloth Napkins Became a Practical Everyday Choice for Me.

 Dutch Retirement Home Offers Free Rent to Students in Exchange for Neighborly Interaction. I thought this was so sweet and such a wonderful way to help students who are financially strapped.

 Is the Paleo Diet the healthiest diet to hit mainstream?

 Why more women are getting colonics…for great skin!

 I absolutely LOVED this story!! She Takes Off A Doll’s Face With Nail Polish Remover And Here Is The Result.

Happy Monday xo

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