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Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Juice Feasting – A “How To” Guide

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Q & A Wednesday

Hi everyone! Q & A Wednesday is a day late because I had a busy day of clients yesterday and no time to post! Sooooo, today I decided to be extra nice and throw in a BONUS video to address some additional questions I received.

Part 1 is a “How To” Guide to Juice Feasting. This will help you prepare for your juice feast and make it an absolute success!! I was having a little bout of cedar fever yesterday so apologies for the runny nose! For those of you in Central Texas, I just found CedarX which is an all natural Cedar remedy (you can get it locally at People’s Pharmacy) and it totally saved me!! Anyway, enjoy the vid, runny nose and all and stay tuned for a special guest appearance!!

Products Mentioned: Breville Juicer, Omega 8005 Juicer

Part 2 covers Juice Feasting Modifications for those of you who want to cleanse but are not ready to jump right into a full-fledged juice feast.

Mentioned: Dara Dubinet’s One True Thing Green Soup

I hope these videos help and motivate you! I am still kinda awkward with the whole video thing so bare with me…I promise they will get better! I’m also thinking of doing some recipe videos in the future, what do you guys think??

The juice feast is officially over and I have enjoyed green juice, some of Dara Dubinet’s One True Thing Green Soup, and a lovely salad with local greens from the farmer’s market.  I’ll be happily eating this way for the next few days while my body transitions back to solid food.

Remember that just adding one green juice to your daily regimen is a HUGE accomplishment and an absolutely WONDERFUL practice towards a healthier lifestyle! Small steps over time add up to big results in the end. Listen to your body and do what’s right for you!

I’m so glad I did the juice feast and SO PROUD of my friends who did it with me!! Thank you all for your wonderful support throughout the process and don’t forget to leave your questions for next Q & A Wednesday below!!

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