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Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Join the Annual Juice Feast!

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Info on Juice Feasting - the MOST EFFECTIVE detox program for weight loss, healthy skin, and more!!

I typically do a Juice Feast at the beginning of each year. It’s such a great way to cleanse, lose any holiday weight gain, reset the system, and get the year started off right! I’m going to start my annual Juice Feast this Monday, Feb 25th. I plan to do 3 days and then I’ll just see how I feel and keep going from there. You are all welcome to join me! There are already 25+ people from Facebook and Twitter who are on board so we’ll have a wonderful group here and on social media to share recipes and  support each other! I’d love for you to join us! If you are new to Juice Feasting, check out my complete step by step guide to help you get started and answer all your questions!

Juice Feasting 101

Juice Feasting is performed by consuming large quantities of freshly extracted juices and nothing else. It’s called a feast because it’s literally that, a FEAST of fresh squeezed juices! You can enjoy as much as juice as you like so you will still have energy to go about your daily functions. I highly recommend watching the documentary “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” it’s streaming live on Hulu and Netflix. It’s a GREAT motivator and a truly inspiring story of transformation!!

Juice Feasting is one of the most cleansing and rebuilding programs on the planet. The Juice Feasting 101 ebook is a step by step guide that gives you specific instructions on how to juice feast, what equipment you’ll need, how much produce you’ll need, what to expect, how to prepare, how to transition out of the juice feast, how long to juice, frequently asked questions, and more. In addition, there are loads of delicious recipes which will help you stay on track and have fun during the feast!

Just some of the benefits of juice feasting supports:

  • weight loss, many people have reported up to 20lbs in 20days!
  • clearer skin
  • improved vision
  • improved overall sense of well being
  • better sleep
  • healthier immune system
  • healthy blood pressure
  • healthy cholesterol
  • and so much more!!

“I did a juice fast for 7 days for detoxification and it surprisingly cleared up my eczema 100% I suffered for years with eczema and dermatologists had not been able to help me and would actually cause flare ups from their harsh steroid creams. i also do 7 day water fasts twice a year for spiritual reasons but i never felt anything like on the juice fast. it’s been 2 years since my fast and the eczema hasn’t come back.”-Laydee

“Hi Linda, I have been juicing more than a year now. I lost weight…I never ever had migraines again…my superficial gastritis is cured …and I’m feeling much energy and more alive. A lot of my friend ask me if I did BOTOX… my skin is more shine and better than before. Thanks Linda” -Rosemary


If you’re interested in joining us, get the ebook and leave me a message! I’m excited to have so many people joining me!

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