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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

How to Get Out of a Funk

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Feelin’ Funky?

I am re-posting this article which I wrote back in February. Why? Because it seems that everyone I’ve talked to recently whether it be clients, friends, or family is in some kind of slump. There’s something funky in the air and it’s making things seem quite overwhelming and stressful at the moment. How about you? Feelin’ Funky? …and not in a good way?

We’ve all been there; everything sucks, everyone is stupid, you can’t do anything right and nothing is ever going to get any better.

When you’re in a funk it can be really, really hard to see your way out of it.  I’ve experienced my fare share of funks and I want to provide you with some easy, practical ways to get you out of that nasty funk!  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there anything you need to get done that you have been putting off? It can be anything from cleaning your apartment, shaving your legs, tackling that pile of bills, getting your finances in order, or ending a toxic relationship.  The key is ACT NOW.  Don’t let these things pile up until they seem too big and scary to manage.  The minute you think about it, DO IT!  If you’re walking around your home thinking, ‘Man I really need to vaccume.” then guess what honey, there’s no better time than right now.  It will only take a few minutes but you will feel so much better once it’s done. Otherwise everywhere you go you’ll be thinking the same negative string of thoughts, ‘I need to vaccume, it’s so dirty in here, I hate how dirty the floor is, I can’t believe I haven’t vaccumed yet, I always say I’m going to do things and I never do…’ Then those negative thoughts start picking up momentum and before you know it you’re headed for total-breakdownsville.  Act now, thank me later 😉


  • Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep deprivation will definitely put you on a one way street to funky town.  If I don’t get my beauty rest, I am a total bi-atch, guaranteed. Get your Zzz’s and if you’re having trouble falling asleep or getting good quality sleep, try a live-source melatonin (don’t waste your time with synthetics they will do nothing for you).  My favorite is from Quantum Nutrition Labs.  It is the absolute best melatonin on the PLANET. Just a couple drops under the tongue and it’s off to dream land!


  • Are you eating right? When we’re feeling down we tend to gravitate toward junk food and processed foods but they are only going to exacerbate the situation.  Your body actually needs good stuff to run properly.  You wouldn’t put orange juice in your car’s gas tank, don’t put chemical laden processed foods down your food tube; it’s not made to run on that stuff!! Give your body something it can actually use and get yourself some fruits & veggies, asap.  You don’t need to go crazy, just one meal a day will help increase your nutrient reserves so you can start feeling like you again. Try some simple recipes to get you started.


  • What are you saying to yourself? What’s that little voice inside saying?  Is it cheering you on saying, “Go Girl, you rock!! You’re awesome! You are the best at what you do! I love everything about you!!” or is she saying, “You suck. You are so stupid, you always mess everything up.  Why do you even bother, you are just going to fail in the end like you always do.”  Unfortunately, I, and most people out there, are usually guilty of the latter.  It is an amazing and life transforming practice to switch to the former.  I don’t know that anyone ever moves entirely beyond the negative self-talk but the very least we can do is become conscious of it and make a change.  My little trick is that anytime I start to stress or engage in some not-so-nice self talk I repeat the following affirmation over and over again, “I love and approve of myself.”  And I just repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat…over and over and over again. With affirmations there is no such thing as too much!  In her book You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay states that the average person has between 300-400 negative thoughts per day.  That’s a LOT!  Now try to think how many times you say something positive to yourself, it is surely minuscule in comparison. You are awesome, there is no one like you, you are beautiful, you have the strength and the courage to get through the rough spots and that is inspiring in it’s own right.


  • Have you done something nice lately? Doing nice stuff and being nice to other people makes us feel good, period.  Give a stranger a compliment. Write a friend or family member a handwritten card telling them how amazing they are.  Send it in the mail with a stamp, it will mean so much more than email!  Offer to take care of a couples kids so they can have some alone time or go on a date night.  Let someone in your lane on the highway. Participate in Operation Beautiful.


Posted in the bathroom for Operation Beautiful @ Annie’s Cafe in Austin, TX

  • Where are you? Where are your thoughts taking you?  Are you living in the past, playing reruns of all the mistakes you’ve made or the people who did you wrong?  Or are you constantly trying to predict the future?  Will I get that job?  Will I find my soul mate?  Will I ever find my true passion?  What if I don’t succeed?  What if I end up alone? Listen honey, you can’t relive the past and you can’t predict the future so you may as well live in the present.  Eckhart Tolle says in his book The Power of Now, “Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now…Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.” THIS. IS. IT. LIFE IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW and if you are daydreaming about the past or the future, you’re missing it!! Bring your thoughts back to the present moment.  For example, I could be sitting here thinking ‘I’ve got so much work to do, what if I just can’t keep up?  What if I fail?  What if I lose my house? I’ll be broke. What if I have to move? What if I end up on the street or under a bridge?!’ A little dramatic, yes, but don’t act like your thoughts don’t get a little dramatic from time to time too!  So what’s the reality?  The reality is that I’m a girl, sitting in a chair, writing an article about fighting Funkdom.  That’s it.  I’m here, I’m okay, I’ve got a roof over my head & food in my belly, I’ve got central air, great pets, a great boyfriend, comfy furniture and I’ve got you guys!  Get yourself back to reality, don’t try to predict the future or relive the past, it’s impossible and trying to do so will not only drive you mad but further down funk road.

Funks are tough but I hope some of these tips will help you remember just how fabulous you are.  Because you know what?! You are really freaking FABULOUS! I’ve been getting the most loving and insanely inspiring comments, messages, tweets, and emails from you guys and I have to say, the love in my heart runneth over.

Act now, be nice to yourself, take care of yourself and do some nice things for others. You’ll be out of that funk in no time!





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