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Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Rare Tea Republic Tea Recipes via Linda Wagner blog

Tea is a very special thing. There’s something about sipping a hot cup of tea that is so soothing and calming.

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some samples from Rare Tea Republic. Rare Tea Republic offers fresh teas from the world’s finest tea gardens. Each season they travel to specific tea origins and work directly with artisans to procure the freshest, best tasting, and most unique teas on the planet!

This morning I decided to try the Glenburn Second Flush Black Tea from the Darjeeling Region. “This lot was custom made for Rare Tea Republic from the revered AV2 varietal, known for its sweet taste. A deep amber infusion produces rich notes of cocoa and malt for a very unique Second Flush tea.”

Sounds delicious, right?! But did you know that black tea also has several amazing health benefits?

From “Black tea is the cousin of green tea, meaning it contains several of the same health benefits, such as antioxidants, inhibiting several forms of cancer and killing viruses.


While green tea contains a high number of health effects, black tea isn’t far behind. Black tea is further fermented green tea leaves that are dried in the manufacturing process. Antioxidants slow down the process of aging for tea drinkers.
One of the most important antioxidants in black tea is theaflavin, which scavenge abnormal cellular bodies, ridding the body of these abnormal cells before they mutate and become cancerous. Theaflavins are also responsible for inhibiting oxidation, particularly of LDL cholesterol.

Beneficial Cardiovascular Effects

Drinkers who enjoy black tea regularly may benefit, especially if they already have cardiovascular disease. Because the theaflavins stop oxidation of LDL cholesterol, this effect helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.
Drinking black tea may help heart attack patients by increasing their rate of survival following a heart attack.
Black tea improves the ability of the blood vessels in the body to relax and expand, thus helping consumers maintain a healthier blood pressure. Black tea also contains a molecule called a catechin, which produces nitric oxide, helping the blood vessels in the body to dilate.

Inhibits Cancer Growth

Chemicals found in black tea have been tied to a decreased risk of breast, stomach and colon cancer…Researchers at Rutgers University have found that a compound in black tea—TF-2—forces colorectal cancer cells to commit suicide. Normal cells were not affected in this way.

Deactivates Viruses

New research conducted at Pace University by Milton Schiffenbauer finds that drinking black tea can help to neutralize the virus that causes herpes. Researchers have known that black tea can render the germs that cause diarrhea, skin infections, pneumonia, cystitis and skin infections.”

Pretty impressive…

Rare Tea Republic Loose Leaf Tea with Almond Milk Recipe via Linda Wagner Blog

I am a tea lover but Rare Tea Republic is really something special…I used a Stainless Tea Infuser to steep RTR’s Glenburn Second Flush Black Tea for about 5 mins. Then I added 1/4 cup homemade almond milk and a squeeze of liquid Stevia. Sip and enjoy!! It’s pure heaven in a cup and such a lovely way to start the day!

I’ve never tasted anything like it! When they say delicious and unique, they mean it!! If you have any interest in teas, I highly suggest visiting Rare Tea Republic and looking at their great selection of teas…I’ve got a special offer for you if you do! You will receive a complimentary 6 gram bag of Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Summer Black Tea with any purchase. *Just use promo code NUTRITION at checkout!

As most of you know, I also always recommend using Stevia as a sweetener. It is calorie free, sugar free, and a life saver if you are looking to control your weight. I always order my stevia through they have the absolute best prices!! I like NuNaturals brand liquid stevia, it’s the best tasting! Since you’re fabulous, use my discount code WAG472 to get $5 off your first order + free shipping on orders of $20 or more.

Enjoy your fabulous tea and I’ll keep you posted on the other amazing Rare Tea Republic varieties as I try them.

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