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Monday, November 17th, 2014

Hearty Quinoa Comfort Bowl

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Hearty Winter Quinoa Bowl

My oh my, it has been SO UNUSUALLY COLD for just about everyone in the country!! We have had record lows all week here in Austin with freezing temperatures and rain! When this kind of weather hits I have absolutely no desire for salads or traditional healthy foods, I want something warm and comforting!

Luckily, this dish is warm, comforting, AND healthy! For those of you that follow me, you know I am a huge fan of quinoa bowls! They are filling, hearty, healthy and delicious! They are also very easy to make. This Hearty Quinoa Comfort Bowl was simply pieced together using different veggie side dishes that had been made throughout the week.

Hearty Winter Quinoa Bowl

The sweet potatoes were bought (already peeled and diced) from Trader Joe’s then baked with a little olive oil, salt, and herbs de Provence. I originally planned to use them as a yummy breakfast hash! The cauliflower was leftover from a cheesey cauliflower bake (will post that recipe soon – this could be a decent substitute just omit the butter and use a little less cheese), and the balsamic brussel sprouts and broccoli are from this recipe.

To complete the dish, I simply cooked a pot of quinoa and served in a bowl, layered with fresh spinach then topped with the reheated veggies I had from the week. I added a few sliced cherry tomatoes which I heated with the other veggies to soften and bring out their sweetness.

This is a super satisfying dish to have on a cold day and a great way to transform or use up any leftover veggies from the week. You could also add some grilled chicken or grass fed steak if you would like more protein. Some slivered almonds or pine nuts would also add a nice little crunch if you’re in the mood!

Hearty Winter Quinoa Bowl

A meal like this is extremely healthy but still satisfying because there is so much flavor and it’s so filling! I truly enjoy eating clean and always feel satisfied with dishes like this!

Hearty Winter Quinoa Bowl

I strongly encourage you to start experimenting with your own quinoa bowl creations…especially in this cold weather! You can get inspiration from any of the delicious quinoa bowl variations below! If you don’t have qunioa on hand you could also substitute with brown rice. Enjoy!! xo

Vegetarian Sweet Potato & Black Bean Bowl


One Pot Veggie Quinoa Bowl with Fried Egg Topper

One Pot Veggie Quinoa Bowl with Fried Egg Topper

Linda’s Spicy Rainbow Buddha Bowl


Asian-Inspired Vegan Protein Power Bowl


 Easy Vegan Burrito Bowl

Easy Vegan Burrito Bowl


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