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Friday, October 14th, 2011

Healthy Fall Recipes

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Staying Healthy in Cold Weather

It’s officially fall and for most people our tastes and preferences will change along with the seasons. Summertime is perfect for fresh raw veggies, lots of fruit (watermelon, peaches, cherries!!) and ice cold smoothies. We usually desire crisp summer salads like this one


and ice cold parfaits like this Strawberry Lime Parfait


While summer is perfect for colder foods, fall is time for warmer and more dense meals. We want dishes that make us feel warm and cozy and that feed our soul. Things like Potato and Leek Soup – take a look at this picture…this was taken with my point and shoot, long before I got my SLR camera. It’s AMAZING what 9 months and a few tutorials can do!! A good reminder to always be open to new experiences and learning new things! Photography has become such a love of mine and I’m so thankful that I have it in my life!



On cold mornings I love sipping hot Lemon Ginger Tea. There’s something about a mug of hot tea that just makes everything seem alright.


Dinner might be something really hearty like Pesto Chicken with Sun Dried Tomatoes


And then polish it all off with a hot Pear & Pumpkin Spiced Almond Milk for dessert!


We’re finally having a cold front in Austin…that means highs are in the 80’s. Cold, I know…but it feels amazing to us after a summer with over 90 days of temps at or above 100 degrees, crazy right?! Temperatures in the 80’s is a welcome relief for us! I know there are several of you all over the country and throughout the world (this blog does have a lot of international readers! Hello international readers!!) that are experiencing much cooler temperatures. I hope these recipes give you a head start to staying warm and healthy throughout the cooler months! Check out the RECIPES tab for more ideas and inspiration!!

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