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Friday, October 11th, 2013

Friday Favorites

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Friday Faves

1. I had my first sip of LIVE Kombucha this past weekend at ACL and was BLOWN AWAY. It tastes just like real soda! I had the root beer flavor and could not believe how amazing it tastes!! It tastes like real soda but is actually live kombucha that is full of probiotics, enzymes, B vitamins, and electrolytes! This would be great for kids or soda addicts. They have cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and root beer inspired flavors for you to chose from. An absolute must try!!

2. I’m on a bit of a redecorating kick and am currently in love with this inexpensive starburst mirror from Martha Stewart! Most starburst mirrors will run you several hundred dollars – this one looks expensive but is very budget friendly! The best part is that you can pick it up from your local Home Depot!!

3. I am OBSESSED with Everyone Soap from one of my favorite natural product companies EO. The coconut + lemon smells AMAZING and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Love, love, love!! You can order online or find at your local health food store. I also love that it comes in a large 32oz bottle (at a very reasonable price!) since I tend to go through bath and body products very quickly.

4. The Sprouted Kitchen by Sarah Forte is one of my favorite cookbooks. It’s loaded with fresh, healthy recipes and stunning photography! A great gift to yourself or anyone who loves healthy cooking!

5. Again, on the home decor…this Elna Rug in navy is calling my name!! I found it on pinterest through Joss & Main. Anyone else used this website?! I was so excited to find it on Pinterest; they have TONS of modern, chic items for the home at very reasonable prices. Plus you can invite your friends and get $15 off your purchase!

6. I bought this Austin, Texas Love Print on Etsy for myself and a friend and I absolutely love it! You can personalize the color, city, state, and I noticed some other countries as well!

7. If you haven’t already made the switch to stainless steel, you must!! Plastic, teflon, and non-stick surfaces are TOXIC!! “PFOA — a key processing agent in making nonstick and stain-resistant materials — has been linked to cancer and birth defects in animals and is in the blood of 95 percent of Americans, including pregnant women.” (source). “Our concern is that this is a very unique chemical,” says Richard Wiles with the Environmental Working Group. “It lasts, literally, for eternity, and now it has been determined to be a likely human carcinogen. That ranks it up there with DDT, PCBs and dioxin as a very serious hazard. It needs to be banned.” (source) I was shocked to read that these non-stick materials are so toxic that most birds will die  in a matter of minutes just from the fumes created by heating non-stick cookware. YIKES!! The last thing to change in my kitchen was the french press that I use almost daily for coffee and tea. My old one was made of glass and had plastic on the lid so I switched to this 17oz stainless steel press and I love it! Plus, they are much more durable and you don’t have to worry about broken glass or leaching plastic, yuck! *Read this article for more info on chemicals you didn’t know you were being exposed to.

What are your Friday Favorites? Leave me a comment with your questions or tell me about the products you have been loving lately! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!! xoxo

Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored to promote any of these products. Selection and review of these products are based simply on my own opinion. Thanks for your support!

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