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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Finding Clarity

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Clarity brings some pretty dope reward! Ask for it!

This blog post is by MASTIN KIPP via THE DAILY LOVE on MARCH 8, 2011

“Communication of your wants, feelings and desires is soooooo important when it comes to getting what you want. I have met many well intended people, who are mildly successful, who do not have the tools that it takes to communicate clearly.

I remember my days before I was on the personal growth path, it was very hard for me to ask for what I wanted. It could have been what I wanted emotionally or sexually from a partner,  what I wanted in a business deal, or what I wanted to be in life. I was so afraid of actually affirming my desire because I thought I would fail or that I was not good enough to get it.

I lived, unconsciously and painfully, in ambiguity for most of my life. Ambiguity meant I didn’t really have to put myself on the line and risk failing. It meant I could sit back and blame the other person for not meeting my needs and then use that as an excuse to leave the relationship. Ambiguity was a layer of safety between myself and my dreams.

It wasn’t until I experienced a TON of pain that I realized I wasn’t really asking for what I wanted and WHY I wasn’t asking for what I really wanted. The longer I walk down the path of personal growth, the more I trust The Uni-verse. I know that within me is the knowledge, insight and power necessary to bring my best life into existence. For so long I was so afraid of that NOT happening, that I settled, lived in ambiguity and didn’t really ask for what I knew I wanted.

That kind of life may have been okay for some people, but not me. I want to be free. I want to wake up and live a passionate life every day. I want connection, peace of mind, excitement and big time success. Deep down I knew I couldn’t settle for anything less than the best. So through the pain of not getting what I wanted, I learned how to ask for what I want.

The Uni-verse is communicating with me through insights and intuition and it does with you, too. We have to ask for what we want and be willing to walk away from the good and leave room for the great. We have to have the courage to not settle and be prepared to fail. It’s only those who risk failure that find success.

Let today be the LAST day you live in ambiguity. Get clear, ask for what you want and then know it’s on it’s way as long as you don’t settle for second best. Let The Uni-verse work for you and work through you by trusting it and asking for what you want. You are worthy of all the greatness; it’s yours to have…”

If you haven’t already, please, please go check out The Daily Love.  It’s one of the best websites I’ve come across in a very long time. Awesome info & constant inspiration; follow them on twitter too, their quotes are the BEST!!!

Happy (Fat) Tuesday!


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