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Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Egg Recipes for Weight Loss

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Simple Sunday Brunch


I love Sundays, I love brunch, and I love simple recipes! This dish embodies all of those things. The perfect simple Sunday Brunch!



As you’ve probably noticed, I absolutely love egg dishes for brunch or any meal, even dinner!  There are so many reasons I love eggs:

  • Eggs are an easy lean protein. One egg contains 6 grams of high-quality protein and all 9 essential amino acids.
  • Organic, free range eggs are easy to find at a low price point and readily available at your local farmer’s market
  • Eggs are fast and easy to prepare
  • Eggs are high in Choline, an excellent brain food!
  • Anti inflammatory – People whose diets supplied the highest average intake of choline (found in egg yolk), and its metabolite betaine (also found naturally in vegetables such as beets and spinach), have levels of inflammatory markers at least 20% lower than subjects with the lowest average intakes, report Greek researchers in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition(Detopoulou P, Panagiotakos DB, et al.) – source
  • Eggs are one of the only foods that contain naturally occurring vitamin D
  • Eggs may prevent breast cancer. In one study, women who consumed at least 6 eggs per week lowered their risk of breast cancer by 44%
  • Eggs promote healthy hair and nails because of their high sulphur content and wide array of vitamins and minerals. Many people find their hair growing faster after adding eggs to their diet, especially if they were previously deficient in foods containing sulphur or B12.
  • New research shows that, contrary to previous belief, moderate consumption of eggs does not have a negative impact on cholesterol. In fact, recent studies have shown that regular consumption of two eggs per day does not affect a person’s lipid profile and may, in fact, improve it. Research suggests that it is saturated fat that raises cholesterol rather than dietary cholesterol. – source



This dish is simple, yet sophisticated.  You’ll need:

  • 3 Organic Free Range Eggs
  • 1 large clove of garlic, minced
  • 1 med sized shallot, diced
  • assortment of fresh herbs. I used basil, chives, thyme, oregano and rosemary
  • butter
  • sea salt and pepper to taste

First melt a small pat of butter in a skillet over med-high heat. Add minced garlic and saute for about 1 min then add diced shallots and a dash of sea salt and saute for another 1-2 mins. Add 3 beaten eggs and finely chopped herbs of your choice.  Stir the eggs and cook until firm. You can garnish with goat cheese, chopped herbs, and a dash of freshly cracked pepper. Viola! A super fast, easy and simply delicious Sunday Brunch recipe. Enjoy with some toasted Ezekiel bread and a mimosa, yum!!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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