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Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Digital Detox

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Going Off the Grid

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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you were able to spend from QT with the ones you love!

I’m just coming off a 5 day “Digital Detox” where I took a break from all social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumbleupon, tumblr, etc.), email, the internet in general, my phone; basically all forms of communication other than face-to-face interaction. And you know what?! It was AMAZING!!

I was inspired by a post I saw from Stephanie St. Claire of Blissbombed. She describes how she found her center and connection with God/Universe/Divine by going off the grid from Saturday night to Monday morning,

“Sundays are the oasis of my week – a time to get recharged and nourished. Last summer I started the practice of going completely off the grid from Saturday night – Monday morning. No answering email, no responding to posts, no taking phone calls, no publishing, no working, no producing. I don’t make plans, I don’t obligate myself to anything, I make no promises on that day. My kiddos have full access to me (as always), but I rest. I read for pleasure, take walks around the city, listen to music, write notes to friends, eat at sidewalk cafes, sit on the stairs inside of Grand Central Station and people watch, create art, nap, watch movies, wander The Met, feed birds in Central Park, go to the candy store, or ice skate (my favorite thing in December). The whole time, my heart is an open channel of conversation, questions, expressions of affection, inside jokes, and observations between me and God.”

Sundays are traditionally a “day of rest” but who rests on Sundays anymore?! I know I certainly don’t. Since I started my own business I’ve come to consider Sunday as another day to get things done. A day of WORK, not rest. Guess where it got me at the end of a year? Burnt Out. Tired. Stagnant.  We all need time to BREATHE, relax, stop thinking, worrying, or working.

You can easily implement a day of rest into your modern lifestyle by simply going off the grid for one day. I like to think of it as a digital detox. That means no cell phone, no emails, text messages, facebook, twitter, etc. My experience with the last 5 days off the grid was that I soaked it all in. I actually took a good look at my surroundings, I breathed the air, I basked in the energy of the holidays, truly listened and engaged with people, and I felt totally present in each moment. There were no emails to return, text messages to get back to, no phone to constantly check – nothing but the present moment. I appreciated the sounds, the sun, the sky, and at the end of the day I felt good. I felt refreshed. At the end of 5 days I felt rejuvenated. I felt ready to take on the world again.

“I end every Sunday with a candlelit bubble bath. I go to sleep with the happiest and fullest heart, deeply connected…I look forward to Monday mornings, to new weeks, to beginnings. I can be quirky, and make mistakes, and experiment boldly with life, and laugh, and even break the rules, knowing that my back is covered.” – Stephanie St. Claire

I have a lot of goals for 2012. Most of them are centered around my business but one goal of mine is to totally unplug on Sundays. When you own your own business or have a highly demanding job, it’s easy to get caught up working 7 days a week, especially now that everyone has smartphones. It’s much too easy to check your email, update on facebook and twitter or work via text message. But it prevents us from experiencing and enjoying what’s right in front of us.

I’m really excited about 2012 and my “Sunday’s Off the Grid”. I think ultimately it will help me to be MORE productive, even while working 1 day less per week. I find myself feeling really scattered and unable to focus when I don’t have that down time. We all need time to sit, be quiet, reflect, find our center and enjoy what’s right in front of us!

Speaking of rest, I’m going to be giving my body and digestive system a big ‘ol rest starting the 2nd week of January. This rest will come in the form of a 10 day juice feast. Lots more details on that to come but for now you can read about juice feasting and it’s benefits here.

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