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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Can Stevia Help With Weight Loss?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Going Sugar Free

No Sugar: Is sugar making you fat? And the one simple thing you can do about it!!


We all know by now that too much sugar is not good for you. But why is it so bad? Here are 5 of the top reasons why sugar is a no-no:

  • Sugar suppresses the immune system. When you eat a big dose of sugar, like a bottle of Coke or a candy bar, you temporarily tamp down your immune system’s ability to respond to challenges. The effect lasts for several hours, so if you eat sweets several times a day, your immune system may be perpetually operating at a distinct disadvantage.
  • Sugar promotes inflammation. Inflammation, which is part of the immune response, is not always a bad thing. But eating sugar foods can fuel excessive, inappropriate inflammation that serves no useful purpose and actually promotes aging and disease. In my show on foods that fight inflammation, I pointed out that cutting back on sugary foods will help you avoid excess inflammation. If you want to slow down the aging process, do what you can to naturally enhance your body’s production of human growth hormone. Avoiding foods that are high in sugar is a good way to do that.
  • Sugar promotes glycation.   Sugar molecules treat your body like a singles bar. Once they get into your bloodstream, they start looking around for things to hook up with, like attractive protein and fat molecules. The hook-up is known as “glycation” and like most hook-ups, the results aren’t pretty. These glycated molecules act like drunken sailors, careening around your body, breaking things and peeing where they shouldn’t. They produce toxic compounds called advanced glycation end products, or, AGEs. That is perhaps the most poetically-just acronym in biology, because AGEs essentially throw the aging process into fast-forward. And much of the damage done by AGEs is irreversible. If that doesn’t motivate you to walk away from the M&Ms, I don’t know what would.
  • Sugar raises insulin levels. An influx of sugar into your body will have a fairly predictable result: Your blood sugar levels will zoom up.  Shortly after, your pancreas will release a bunch of insulin to help clear sugar from your blood into your cells. As blood sugar levels go down, insulin levels return to normal. But when you eat a lot of sugar, you’re constantly calling for insulin, and that can backfire in a couple of ways. Over time, it takes more and more insulin to get the job done. Eventually, your pancreas may just stop responding to the call. Congratulations, you’re now an insulin-dependent diabetic. And along the way, exposing your cells and organs to chronically high insulin levels accelerates the aging process. (source)
  • Sugar feeds Candida.  Candida’s function in the body is mainly to destroy all putrefied food matter in our digestive tract before any potentially harmful bacteria can have a feast on it, multiply, and then become threatening to our health…You may then become distended, constipated; allergies may begin to form, skin rashes and adult asthma symptoms may occur. What would once be considered normally benign yeast has literally morphed into an aggressive, destructive, fungal pathogen that can cause a variety of health problems from head to toe; often perplexing traditional doctors…Carbohydrates, even healthy complex carbs, break down into glucose (sugar) in the digestive tract, and sugar feeds Candida. All sugars MUST be avoided. (source)

If those 5 reasons aren’t enough to get you off sugar I don’t know what is! Candida especially, is a biggie. If you’ve got digestive issues, persistent allergies, skin issues, yeast infections, thrush, intense cravings, trouble focusing, an inability to lose weight, or extreme mood swings, candida is probably to blame and sugar is the main culprit.

The ONE simple thing you can do to begin transforming your health is to get off all sugars, especially artificial sweeteners. My go-to as a sugar replacement is NuNaturals Stevia.  NuNaturals stevia is a pure plant extract, not a chemical. It tastes great and comes in several different forms from liquidspowderflavored steviaquick dissolve tabs, to packets so it’s easy to take with you. I noticed a HUGE shift in my health when I switched to stevia and reduced my sugar intake. It also helped me clear my skin and lose those last few stubborn pounds that I couldn’t get rid of…yay for clear skin and weight loss!!

Here’s a yummy morning concoction I love to make that’s sugar free and better than coffee!!

healthy coffee substitute for weight loss via Linda Wagner

You’ll need:

Simply place a scoop of Coco Cardio into a large mug, add hot water, almond milk and stevia and stir. It’s a delicious, chocolaty, mocha-y, coffee-like drink that is sooooo yummy. Coco Cardio is an amazing superfood blend that is rich in antioxidants and great for heart health. It’s also great for curbing sugar cravings, especially chocolate cravings!! It’s not stimulating so you can have it any time!

If you’re ready to make the switch to stevia or try some delicious Coco Cardio, use my discount code WAG472 to get $10 off your first order of $40 or more or $5 off smaller orders. You can also take advantage of free domestic (US) shipping with a minimum $20 purchase AND if you order $60 or more, you will also receive an EXTRA 5% off of your entire order! That’s a LOT of discounts!!

Also, Alba Botanica beauty products are an extra 10% OFF the already discounted price at this week!! Enjoy!!

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