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Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Austin Farmer’s Market

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Boggy Creek Farm


Boggy Creek Farm is a beautiful, quaint urban farm in East Austin.  It is my absolute FAVORITE farmer’s market!




They are certified organic and have the BEST local produce around. Once you have Boggy Creek greens you won’t go back. They are always picked that morning and are more fresh, crisp, and flavorful than you’ll find anywhere else.




They are doing the best they can right now with the severe drought we have in Central Texas. Luckily they still have their AMAZING arugula. I got some for a salad I’ll be making later this week. I absolutely LOVE their arugula, you simply must try it if you haven’t already! You will be shocked, store bought arugula tastes NOTHING like what they have at Boggy Creek, just sayin….




I also picked up some beautiful sunburst squash and fresh eggs from the hen house. These eggs are FANTASTIC! I can’t wait until I have some land with chickens of my own. Nothing beats fresh eggs, they are simply divine!! I’ll probably use them to make one of these recipes this weekend.



I love coming to the farm, there are always a few chickens walking around. They are actually very mild mannered, I was able to walk right up to this one for a close up.



They also carry Rainwater from Dripping Springs, TX and locally made Miles of Chocolate flourless brownies – which I am required to get each time I go, they are just too good to pass up!!





The house at Boggy Creek Farm is an old historic house with loads of character.



In the back they always have pair after pair of work gloves hanging from the awning.  I just love it – makes me want to dig in a get to workin in the fields, lol!



There are always beautiful flowers there too, which I love. My mom is and always has been an avid gardener with an amazing green thumb. I always feel happy and think of her when I am in a garden and around beautiful flowers.



Not much has been able to survive the extreme heat and drought that we’ve endured this summer in Central Texas so I am glad to see at least some of their crops and flowers doing well!



I just love the farmer’s market. I love connecting with the people, the amazingly fresh produce, supporting my local farmers and knowing where my food comes from.  In the future I will definitely have a garden of my own with loads of veggies but until then, I’ll continue coming to my favorite farmer’s market at Boggy Creek Farm!

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