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Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

A Visitors Guide to Healthy Restaurants in Laguna Beach

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Hi loves! I’m back in Austin and of course the first night I got here we had an ice storm… Winter, what’s your deal?! Don’t you know we’re so over you?!

Let’s bring some sunshine to this crappy weather with pics from the end of my trip to Laguna!

Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Beach, CA

We had scattered storms over the weekend it really wasn’t too bad! The storms forced us to stay inside most of the day on Friday so we decided to make an epic cheese platter, pop some champs, and make the most of it!

champs & cheese Laguna Beach, CA

I’ve talked before about cutting dairy out of my diet and for the most part I have. I save it for special occasions like eating out or while on vacation and I always make sure it’s the really good stuff. Life is too short for bad vibes, bad wine, bad friends, or bad cheese!

Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Beach, CA

One good thing about stormy skies is that they make for great photos. Luckily we got a little break from the rain at the end of the day and took a stroll to one of Sheena’s secret spots to watch the sun set. And what a sunset it was…

sunset Laguna Beach, CA sunset Laguna Beach, CA

I mean, seriously?! I can’t even stand how gorgeous it is!

sunset Laguna Beach, CA

Soul Sisters for life.

sunset Laguna Beach, CA sunset Laguna Beach, CA sunset Laguna Beach, CA

Sunset beauty.

cafe anastasia Laguna Beach, CA

The next morning we were up bright and early to make the most of the day. We grabbed breakfast at my absolute FAVORITE breakfast spot in Laguna, Cafe Anastasia. They have a wonderful array of fresh squeezed juices and super healthy delicious breakfast plates! A must try if you are in Laguna!

Laguna Beach, CA

Then we decided to get a little workout in and hike through the hilly Laguna streets. We also passed by a great little spot that I can’t wait to try next time called The Stand. Super healthy, tons of options…they are next on my list of healthy restaurants in Laguna Beach!

Laguna Beach, CA

The swells came on Saturday so the surfers were out in full force. I love surfing (even though I’ve only been once!) and could watch the surfers for hours.

surfer Laguna Beach, CA

The little guys are so cute and fearless!

surfer Laguna Beach, CA surfer Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Beach, CA

Next was lunch with a view at The Cliffs Restaurant.

Laguna Beach, CA burger Laguna Beach, CA

Burger, Laguna style.

Yes, I did eat this.

And yes, I do enjoy a burger every now and then. The key is to load it up with veggies and enjoy every last bite!! I eat super clean the majority of the time and make about 90% of the food that I eat at home. Which means that when I go out, I have more leeway to indulge if I feel so inclined. Then when I come back home I get back on it. I get my booty to the grocery store, even though I’m tired and don’t feel like it (like I did today) and stock up on goodies for the week. I make detox tea to sip daily, kale salads, lots of raw food, and ingredients for juicing. The reality is you have to stay on top of it, you can’t make excuses (there are always excuses), and you have to be prepared. I knew it was crucial for me to get to the grocery store today to set the tone for the rest of the week, otherwise it would just be one bad decision after the other. You have to be strong enough to make that choice.

That’s why I can eat my burger and feel good about it!

Laguna Beach, CA Nick's Restaurant Laguna Beach, CA

We had an happy hour snack + cocktail at Nick’s which is my #1 favorite spot in SoCal! Their cocktails are delicious and refreshing and the food! The food is SO GOOD!! My favorites are the California Ahi, Kale & Quinoa, Tuna Tartare, and the Thai Peanut Slaw. Oh man, now my mouth is watering…

Laguna Beach, CA

The next day we headed to Crescent Bay to watch the surfers and our buddy smitherspix who snaps amazing barrel shots on his GoPro. You should definitely check him out on insta and facebook. He is doing some amazing things!

Laguna Beach, CA Laguna Beach, CA Splashes Laguna Beach, CA

And finally we ended our day at Splashes to watch the sunset over the Pacific. A bottle of wine, delicious apps, amazing sunset. The perfect ending to a perfect week in Laguna Beach.

sunset Laguna Beach, CA

Thank you Laguna for being so hospitable! I’ll be back soon! xo

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