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Healthy Kids


I am so excited about the launch of this Healthy Kids eBook!! This colorful book is loaded with over 60 pages of  easy delicious recipes, tips and tricks to make it work, healthy alternatives, and much more. This is a fun, whimsical, and interactive book that’s great for kids of all ages. Busy adults will also love this book as a resource for fast, easy recipes. It’s a modern day survival guide for healthy living in the simplest way possible! Click here for more info!



I am especially proud and excited about the release of this EBook. As the saying goes, “the children are our future” and we need to make sure that we are teaching them how to be happy, healthy individuals. In this book I not only provide you with over 40 fast, easy, and delicious recipes but I also give a look into my own personal experiences and how I came to understand just how powerful nutrition is in our childrens lives. It is quite astounding what dramatic improvements can take place with a healthy, nourishing diet.

If you have children or know kiddos struggling with energy, attention disorders, hyperactivity, weight, mood, skin issues, digestive issues, behavioral problems, chronic illness, or more, improving their diet can be life changing! With this step by step guide, it can also be very easy and enjoyable!

Healthy Kids contains over 60 bright, brilliant pages jam packed with:

  • Over 40 fast, delicious, nutritious recipes!!
  • How to deal with picky eaters.
  • The most common mistakes we make and how to fix them.
  • Which kitchen tools to use to make your life easier.
  • Simple steps to make healthy eating fit your busy lifestyle.
  • The most budget friendly recipes.
  • How to get creative with healthy ingredients.
  • Extremely simple things you can do at each meal to make healthy foods more appetizing to your kiddos.
  • How to create a fast, healthy meal in a pinch!
  • A list of my favorite healthy food brands.
  • Fast, healthy alternatives for prepackaged foods.
  • Healthy recipe add-ins and substitutes.
  • A simple list of the most common toxic ingredients to avoid.
  • How to get your kids excited and involved in healthy eating.
  • How to introduce a healthier lifestyle to your kiddos.
  • LOADS of tips & tricks to make it work with your lifestyle
  • and so much more!

When I say this book is jam packed, I mean JAM PACKED with valuable content!! There are LOADS of recipes for kids of all ages; that means adults will love them too!! This book is really fun and interactive. You and your kiddos can click the recipe titles in the Table of Contents and it will take you directly to the recipe page for easy navigating!

I know this book will encourage you, educate you, and motivate you to make a healthy change in your children’s lives. I’ve priced it much lower than my other ebooks in hopes that everyone can afford a copy and maybe one more to share! You CAN change your life and your families life and this book will show you how!

Healthy Kids EBook recipe preview


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