I frequently get requests and questions regarding my favorite products so I thought I would create an area dedicated to just that!! I’ve included all of my favorite things at a variety of price-points. Everything is organized by category so feel free to click on the links, learn, and take a look around! Be sure to check back frequently – I’m adding to and updating the page daily!





Food Processors


Spiral Slicers

Kitchen Utensils

Self Help & Development Books

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  1. Brilliant, Linda! I am looking forward to the page and all the info. you will have for us all. I keep a log of my highly used products and where to shop for best prices too and share out when asked. I highly agree with all your items listed so far. A few of the books I haven’t read, but will now. Love Natalia Rose’s books – very helpful!! Thanks,dear! Appreciate the hard work and dedication you are putting forward for this. ~Kibby

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