How to Make a Mojito Cocktail

Sake Champagne Mojito


That’s right, I said Sake Champagne Mojito and you’re gonna love it!! This is an absolutely smooth and delicious cocktail adapted from Pure Food & Wine in NYC.  It is THE PERFECT summer cocktail and a guaranteed hit when entertaining!  You may want to make this gorgeous cocktail for your mama this Sunday, what a lovely Mother’s Day treat!!



You know me, I always modify my recipes to make them as healthy as possible so this recipe is sugar free. I’ve also provided an alcohol free version for the kiddos and anyone looking for a fun cocktail without the hooch!

You’ll need:

  • 1 bottle Sake
  • 1 bottle Extra Dry Champagne
  • 1 large bunch mint leaves
  • juice of 3-4 limes
  • 6-10 droppers full of Liquid Stevia (more or less to taste)

First, tear the mint leaves off the stem. In a large pitcher, use the back of a wooden spoon to muddle the mint leaves, stevia, and lime juice. Then add the entire bottle of Sake and entire bottle of Champagne. Stir the mixture and serve over lots of ice in rocks glasses or mason jars.



Why Sake? So glad you asked!

Sake is fermented from steamed rice and is surprisingly rich in amino acids.  Sake is also free from sulfites which are a known allergen for many people. Sake is very light and comparatively free of hangover-causing congeners. Premium sake is also free from additives and preservatives.



If you’re not drinking, go for an alcohol free version by simply substituting sparkling mineral water for the sake and champagne.  It’s absolutely delicious and will make you feel like a million bucks every time you take a sip!



Even if you don’t give a hoot about health, you and your friends will still enjoy this delicious drink. This is my “go to” cocktail for parties. It’s a summer classic with an exotic and healthy twist!

I say this all the time but so many people tell me they don’t like Stevia. I didn’t like Stevia either but that’s because I wasn’t using the right kind!! If you’re looking for a great tasting Stevia that actually tastes like sugar and not like aspartame, NuNaturals is a MUST!! I always order my mine through they have NuNaturals stevia in liquid, powder, packets and an assortment of flavors along with a wide variety of other health & beauty products and supplements. Feel free to use my discount code WAG472 to get $5 off your first order :)

Happy Weekend!


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17 thoughts on “How to Make a Mojito Cocktail”

  1. This was great for me because I never get thirsty so often I find it a chore to drink enough to stay hydrated, I made the non-alcoholic version and it was so simple and refreshing (and the perfect use for my small but thriving mint plant)- thanks for the inspiration x

    Also I just found your blog via the dames tumblr and I am loving it, very uplifting and lots of sane advice and inspiration, thanks!

    1. Pip,

      So glad you like it, isn’t it delish?!! I made the non alcoholic version and sipped on it ALL DAY yesterday, so good! And I think I’m about to make some more today, it’s just so good!! 🙂 Thanks for the compliments, I’m glad you are enjoying my little blog! xo

  2. Wow Linda, this looks really good! I’m going to make one this weekend for sure.

    Thanks for the tip =)


  3. Hi Linda,
    I love the combo of sake and champagne for a healthy take on the mojito. I make cocktails for a living and starting to get into healthy cocktails. Pairing them with healthy bites to be served at events. Do you have a certain place you look for interesting ideas to make up cocktails? Keep up the good work.

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